Video marketing

Are you struggling to come up with an explainer video for your niche/product/business? You are at the right place.
We are EXPERTS in Video Production and Marketing. 

According to HubSpot including videos on your landing page can increase conversion by 80%. Videos build trust and credibility and encourage social shares. 
Vizdio Agency will create stunning explainer videos that will help you increase your online presence, generate leads and boost sales. These are the types of videos we can create for you: whiteboard/doodle videos, 2D/3D videos, short video advertisements or sales videos, intros and outros for YouTube, professional spokesperson videos and many more.

our video experts got your back




website development

We have a team of motivated freelance developers who specialize in building responsive or mobile friendly websites for any niche or business. In recent times more consumers are increasingly shifting to online shopping, so it is essential for every business to have a responsive website. 

Having a website makes your business look professional. Your website serves as the headquarters from which all your social media accounts can link up to and help generate traffic.
Infact, VeriSign discovered in a survey that 84% of customers stated that they believed a business with a website is more credible than a business with only a social media page.


Do you want to build your own ecommerce empire and have financial freedom ? Contact us for a one on one training for Drop shipping Business Model. We will create a fully functioning website for you to retail some of the hottest niches/products from top notch wholesalers in the US and other countries.  You don’t need to buy or stock any products.  We will also provide you with ongoing mentoring to help you succeed in the business model. 


Is your brick and mortar store decreasing in sales? Are your tired of high cost monthly rent? What you need in an ecommerce or online shop. You need to take your business online as more consumers are now shopping online. We 
will create a mobile responsive website for your fashion shop, beauty shop, restaurant or any industry of your choice.


Do you want to have your own multivendor online marketplace like ebay, Etsy, or Amazon? Look no further. Vizdio Agency is here to help you. We have practical experience building these types of sites for any industry. 
Let us build a fully functioning multivendor marketplace for you. You can have multiple sellers on your site and receive commissions from your vendors/sellers each time they make sales on your marketplace. 

Graphic & designs

We have a team of professional graphic designers who can create stunning logos, brochures, info graphics, tee-shirt designs, business cards, and many other visually appealing designs to brand your business. 



We are a team of professional freelancers in Houston Texas, USA specialized in video production and marketing, website development, graphics & designs and several digital marketing services. 

Vizdio Agency is located in Houston Texas, USA

The fastest way to contact Video Agency is via email ([email protected]) or WhatApp messages (+1(832)679-0381). You can also call; however, due to the busy nature our job, we prefer calls by appointment only. 

1. Contact us first via email or WhatApp to discuss your project
2. Send us detailed description of your project with all required info and files
3. You will receive an invoice. You make the payment and we will begin the projectF

We currently accept PayPal, and Escrow safe pay

You need to provide all information and any relevant materials agreed upon at the time you received a quote. Note; if you add additional work or files other than what was discussed before your order, this my require additional fees to reflect the extra work or files added

Vizdio Agency creates all types of videos including whiteboard/doodle  and  2D/3D explainer videos, short video commercials, professional spokesperson video, intros and outros for YouTube videos and many more. 

We are experts in building ecommerce websites for all niches and industries, drop-shipping /retail online shops, blogging websites, online music sites for digital products, multivendor websites, and any other custom website of choice. 

We provide 30 days support for any minor minor issues that arise from our side. I will also provide a 30 day free counseling on how to navigate your site. Any regular maintenance will considered a new project at a discounted price. 

You can provide your own script, and images. However, you don’t have and script we can write a professional script at an additional cost. We can also use our royalty free images for your videos if don’t have any.

If you have a custom background of your shop, office, or any industry you can send and we will use that for the video, 

Yes we have a team of professionals who can write outstanding scripts for any industry.

Depending on the type of video you have 1 to 2 free edits within 72 hrs from the time the project was completed. Note if the edit is something that requires additional work other than what was initially agreed on, you may have to pay additional fees. 

Yes, if you don’t have your own voice over, we can provide you a professional voice over in native US or UK male or female accent. We can also provide professional voice over in Spanish, French, African language including Twi (Ghana), Ebo and Yoruba (Nigeria)

Yes, Vizdio can edit your script at an additional cost.