Established in 2019

We are a team of motivated freelance Digital Marketers and Website Developers in Houston, Texas , USA. We are experts specialized in video creation & marketing, social media marketing, graphics and designs, website development, content marketing and many other services including app development and workflow automation.

Vizdio Agency stemmed from and operates under the parent company, Afriintermart LLC, our first ecommerce marketplace formed in 2019. Having launched our parent company in 2019 and provided multiple services including video marketing and website development to local and international clients, we later decided in 2020 to create a separate brand for our freelance services. This decision was influenced by our valued customers who loved our services so much that they wanted a unique brand for our digital marketing and web development services. This gave birth to Vizdio Agency.

Our C.E.O & Founder is a Certified Digital Marketer with skillsets in Animated  & Whiteboard Video Production, Sales Video Production & Marketing,  Website Development and Graphics & Designs. He is always brain storming ideas to help small businesses to upscale and increase their revenues. It is no doubt his first ecommerce business was aimed at helping small businesses in economically developing countries to expand their products and services to the US and European markets, while bridging the gap and facilitating international trade in a convenient and secure way.

Vizdio Agency was specifically created for digital marketing, website and app development and other services in the IT industry. 

We look forward to helping you succeed  in your business. Reach out to us today.

Vizdio Agency - Team


To provide  effective and everlasting digital marketing solutions that will enhance the businesses of our valued customers, whilst creating better services and technologies that benefit both our customers and their customers. 


To upscale our agency and continually provide the most reliable & effective Web development and Digital Marketing services to our valued consumers globally